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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by Vic-JofreBRASIL View Post
Yeah, Crawford.. I didnīt even talk about the FW fights he had.....
IMO Jose Legra is a H2H force at FW.......
In his FW days Eder faced a lot of criticism in the Brazilian Press btw, Flea. They always said that he was facing too many easy opponents at FW.
Fair enough.. but it was a tad unfair sometimes, the critic was severe when he faced Godfrey Stevens, the press said he was easing up things too much.....Stevens wasnīt bad though, you posted his fight with Saijo, he was okay...
Well said and yeah, Stevens didn't look too bad did he, he hung in there and fought well against a pretty dangerous guy (one of the more deceiving K.O%'s for sure) although admittedly I can't remember the details of the Jofre fight or where Stevens was at in his career at the time, look he wasn't brilliant but he was a regional titlist of sorts so he was at least a decent South American fighter fighter at least, of which there were many.

AlFrancis thanks again by the way And I've got an overwhelming feeling that we should start calling the 60s/early 70s 'The Mexican Murderers Row' because for the talent assembled it really was just that. Except they ended up running the show Olivares punched Rose out and every champion for the next decade was Mexican (I think....Olivares,Castillo,Olivares,Herrera,Lara...where does it go then? Anyway eventually it's Herrera,Martinez,Zarate ain't it?

There might be a non-Mexican no.1 in their somewhere. I get a bit lost when Herrera loses the title 'cause Lara seems a tad erratic (shame there's not more on him though) and Herrera gets 'beat' by Bus Station (certainly beat up) before Martinez finally turns the trick on him (shame that isn't out there, or Herrera's title defence over him ) but anyway, ends up with Zarate in the end

Man if Macias and Becerra came just a little bit later
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