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Default Re: Do you think Black vs Red gloves affect reaction time?

I doubt colour would affect reaction times.

It's a long time since I have studied the visual system so I may be well off the mark here, but as far I can remember, the evidence back then seemed to suggest that we process different visual features (i.e. movement, depth, colour) using different pathways (i.e. magnocellular / parvocellular pathways), these feature are combined to form our perception.

In terms of evolution, I would expect that we process movement as a priority to allow us to react to danger (i.e. predators) and that other features such as depth, colour and emotional significance are processed at a later stage.

I think any significance we attach to the colour red would be processed too slowly to affect reaction times.

There may be a few inaccuracies above (can't be ****d refreshing my memory) but hopefully you get my point.
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