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Default Re: A message to all ESB Mundine supporters....

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
MidnightProwler, lukey, Roobney,whopperdog, teke, 20****87, TCboxa (when you get back from your ban, douche), bazil, ALTogether (enjoy your permanent holiday, scummy ****) and any others....

I'm going to borrow a post from the Aussie forums TC'Man ****ed midge'boxa that really indicates how we all feel. Without further delay, the only thing I have to say to you all is........
I am no Mundine hugger, I just like him better than Geale

Seriously Geale has zero swag, the worst tattoo's I ever seen and he seriously needs to clip those under arms.... Disgusting
Also his showboating is cringe worthy, but he is a good fighter and I will support him against anyone else now apart from my countryman ***y Sergio Martinez...
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