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Default SUICIDE by GGG.


geale has beaten some world class fighters recently. hes amassed 60 rounds, in world title fights in some 18 months. GGG has just 30. GGG hasnt fought the level of opponent as geale recently, nor has GGG the pro experience of geale. but it wont take long. right now, geale is in a good place. he may never have an advantage over GGG again. he may not even now. but if he has a chance. it is now, rather than later.

if geale has any chance of beating GGG, i feel he must fight his now, or very soon. fight him now before govolkin gets too comfortable as a pro. geale may not even beat him now. but i feel he has more chance now, than later, because of GGGs relative inexperience as a pro, and geales match fitness and work rate.


as ive said. mundine didnt do too bad last night. that lead left hook ko'd the mundine i imagined.

but you must remember (mundine fans) he's delusional. he thinks he is some sort of prophet. he thinks he, through boxing and god (although its forbidden in islam) speaks for the indigenous people of oz. but only for the ones he chooses it seems.

mundine wont retire. mundine knows his day are limited as he gets ever more senile. look for mundine to be desperate enough to fight anyone with a strap or stature. it wouldnt surprise me if he called out govolkin.

as crazy as it seems. govolkin may just take him up on it. just to make a statement to geale. GGG would KTFO mundine, and stand centre ring, with geale at ringside, and challenge geale right here in oz, where mundine would bring GGG as its mundines money base.

a fight like that would make anthony relevant for a bit longer. a bit longer to sprout his hate. i seriously think this is a possiblity, considering mundines obvious desperation over the past few days. he will do anything now. no more caution. its all or nothing. suicide by GGG.
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