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Default Re: PED use in boxing - Is it particularly an American based problem?

Originally Posted by Manfred View Post
You know what, I was born at night but not last night. I see through your bull**** and I'm calling it for what it is. You ain't talking about no ped problem, you talking about certain people and a certain country. If you were for real on a conversation about ped users, you would have been more diverse in your opening statement. Instead, it was an indictment of america and american athletes. This ain't the first time you posted some slanted ass **** about american fighters with a ****ed up disclaimer,trying to conceal your real agenda. ( envy and hate ). Yeah, peds is a problem but it's a world wide problem. What are some possible reasons, and some possible solutions, that's how you start a for real dialouge.
Decent post so I have hope for a real response to this controversial question ....

1) Do you think it is likely fighters based in the UK and travelling to the US for big fights in casino's and on US television against US based fighters for World Titles and big money have the odds stacked against them and give up huge advantages including facing possible juiced-up opponents?

( consider that the US is where the big money is and that few US fighters ply their trade abroad ........... and also the tech available and possibility of corruption and cover-ups)
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