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Default Re: How could mundine honestly think he won

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
Well gee this wouldn't have anything to do with you have money down on the DRAW now would it? Plus a few hundred on Mundine

Real impartial
Well, its true I stood to make about $7.5 k if there was a draw...I don't deny that. But my scoring system is objective and impartial, and if there is an even round or an even round or a round that be scored towards either Fighter A or even, I keep a running sub-score so that I can gauge what i determine to be the outside possible scores.

I think my scoring methods are better than than many judges, and in years past when I much more involved I used to be a 4th judge at many of the smaller nsw shows. Of course I didn't keep running sub-scores when I did that as that wasn't my job, but when at home or in the club watching bouts I score and keep sub-scores also.

Its a real shame when I find that judges reach scores that jsut are not possible unless every possible break and then some in terms of scoring went in favour of Fighter B over Fighter A...I can tell you this stuff has a lot to do with many of the most knowledgable boxing people turning their backs on the agme and leaving it in the hands of the charlatans.

So yes, for what it matters I can score, and I can also recognise judges and fans who can't.
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