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Default Re: what does the future hold for mundine now ?

[quote=atigerofold;14675989]I havent watched the bout yet; I have seen a few snippets.....apparantly Tony congratulated Geale and his corner, whilst Anthony stormed off, it might just support a theory that Mundine doesnt listen to his corner, maybe Anthony does his own thing, goes on his own whims, doesn't listen to any other voice than his own? He certainly portrays this in his media character/ personality that wants to talk continually, and doesn't want to listen.....Anthony seems to be continually troubled and unhappy - and his opinions are always highly convoluted, and this does cultivate his audiences to the point of them shaking their heads in their own disbeliefs.

I will watch the fight.....and study for myself who dominated it and who I think won it (as both Geale and Mundine say they did).....from the snippets I have seen of the fight, I instantly recognised that Choc had slowed in his boxing movements and boxing is a shame that as we all grow old, the mind tells us how we should do it, as our bodies refuse to obey the message.

I heard Choc saying after the fight (in a video snippet) that Geale won't attract more than 200 to one of his fights in the future......this might be the case.....but in making this statement, Anthony needs now to realise that he, as the loser, would probably attract far less customers.

I'd like to see Anthony retire from boxing now, pick a new direction and challenge, get a Community qualification, gain some researched facts and knowledge, and work strategically with our Indigenous community, to build their confidence, and greater development through sporting skills.

Time to move on, and further up another ladder, Choc![/quote,

He is gone Glen, he needs to retire, the reflexes have left him, he can't pull the trigger. We all know he will never go to the trenches if required so i see him getting seriously hurt if he decides to continue against any one who can bang. imo.
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