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Default Re: How could mundine honestly think he won

Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
Seems like many of the ESB posters and even the judges prefer to score ineffectual flurries that hit air, gloves or shoulders over jabs that land on face and skull.

I had the feeling that there was going to be some 'correcting' in this bout due to the (misguided imo) view that Geale won their first bout. Preconceptions like that can be very hard to dislodge, and so objective, accurate scoring just never gets a look in.

I scored the bout 114-114 with a either two point variance in favour of Mundine or a one point variance in favour of Geale. Anything beyond these bounds looks like Special Olympics scoring to me.

But with Aussie boxing's deification with 'workrate' and activity, however ineffectual, bout's today are won on whoever is the fittest.
ohhhh dear.. thank christ your not a judge. you want to talk scoring punches, geale landed twice as many body shots than mundine landed total punches
meanwhile in the real world geale also rocked him every second round or so.

Originally Posted by StiffJab View Post
That would be the case expect that Geale out jabbed Mundine all night. Geale's jabs were much more effective.

How can you win a fight by sitting on the back foot and throwing 20-30 punches a round? Mundine was the definition of ineffective boxing last night. He fought a garbage fight
mundine did NOTHING.. he just pawed with the jab which geale geale was beating him to anyway. geale jabbed his ****ing head off.
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