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Default Re: tilyards conditioning

Originally Posted by pinstriper View Post
Mate he has at least 3 or 4 months of dieting to rip that blubber off himself.
The problem that big fellas like that have tho is dieting is so bland so you have to have really a strong will to be consistent. I don't see Tilyard having that motivation......ever! It's obvious he loves his tucker too much.
he could lose 20kg in a couple of months just by eating a low carb diet. no bread, rice, potato, catrrots, pumpkin, TARO, pasta. no fruit. NO BEER. if you must drink alcohol, spirits only with diet coke or whatever. no soft drink, no cordial. for sweetener, use low cal stuff. its only for a short time. once you get the weight off, its easier to keep off if you dont lose total control of your diet.

just meat, beans, salad. roast meat, processed meat, fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, etc. ive done it. its pretty easy actually. just a bit of planning and you can eat quite healthy and not get hungry.
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