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Default Re: Mundine called it before the fight - Robbery

Originally Posted by slantone View Post
i thought the fight was closer than what the commentators did thats for sure. i had it for geale 7 to 5. he had it won simply for activity and workrate, but yeah, mundine was cleaner and crisper, but was flat footed and defensive for so long, that i couldnt give him winning rounds where he would jsut defend and then land maybe 3 jabs and a cross a whole round, while danny would glance about 15 to 20 shots , though not clean, were still scoring.

the commentators were disgraceful. thats what u call pre-judging. they were seeing what they wanted to see. oohing and aahhing at a danny flurry that didnt land anything, and basically speaking outside the context of the actual fight. its a shame because its an instance where it really coloured the viewing.

first time i watched it live, sound on- i had it 10 to 2 danny. second time with sound off, i had it 7 to 5. still a win for geale so maybe it dosent matter. but it was closer than what people will give credit for- nobody schooled anybody, nobody kicked anybodies ass.
I was at the fight and I tell u what everyone around me wasn't sure who won. Yes geale did throw a lot more, didn't land that much though. I half expected a majority decision something like that, to geale. But most have it a long way to geale, Have to watch it again and see what I was missing?
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