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Originally Posted by swingin View Post
he could lose 20kg in a couple of months just by eating a low carb diet. no bread, rice, potato, catrrots, pumpkin, TARO, pasta. no fruit. NO BEER. if you must drink alcohol, spirits only with diet coke or whatever. no soft drink, no cordial. for sweetener, use low cal stuff. its only for a short time. once you get the weight off, its easier to keep off if you dont lose total control of your diet.

just meat, beans, salad. roast meat, processed meat, fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, etc. ive done it. its pretty easy actually. just a bit of planning and you can eat quite healthy and not get hungry.
In an eight week camp for a 10 or 12 round fight, we start dieting from day dot and these are guys that are nowhere near over their fighting weight than Tilyard is. Your right, it is easy to diet...if your motivated to do it.
What is the point in carb depleting for an explosive athlete? You need carbs for energy to be able to train.
We generally do a break up of carbs, proteins and vitamins/minerals for our day meals and then strictly protein loading from 3.30 on. Seven meals a day. No alcohol and DEFINATELY no processed foods
It is a lot more scientific than what you have explained.
Tilyard would do well to see a nutritionist if he is serious about getting in ring condition.
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