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Default Re: Paul upham blames mundines corner

Originally Posted by bazil View Post
mate what other reply would we expect from you.
You mean as opposed to you starting threads making excuses for Mundine's pathetic showing last night?

He lost the fight because Geale was the better man on the night, in EVERY way.

He would gain a hell of a lot more respect from the Aussie public if he said as much instead of crying robbery and looking for excuses.

You know what's funny? He goes on about haters and how he doesn't care what they think, that he needs them to get up for his fights, then he goes on about his legacy and how he'll be remembered. How does he think that works then?

All of his haters (say 85% of people who are aware of him) aren't going to spread the good word for him are they?

That leaves his ever-decreasing circle of ardent fans and yes men who swallow his bull**** to remember him as being the greatest athlete to grace humanity with his presence and keep his legacy alive
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