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Default Re: tilyards conditioning

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
you carb deplete to make your body use stored energy...fat.

you keep eating other food sources, to trick the body into thinking it isnt starving. if you do starve, your body gets smart and eats fast twitch muscle intead.

you dont diet right up to the fight if youre a heavy. you just lose ther weight to have better cardio etc. you go back to include good carbs some time before a fight.

the lighter weights shouldnt have to starve right up to a fight either. if they do, they arein the wrong division.

as for processed meats. if it helps you to lose a lot of weight over a short period, and keeps you interested in dieting, it fine.
Carb depleting should only be done for a short amount of time if at all.

I never mentioned starving, I am talking about eating the right food groups at the right time of day to ensure maximum benefit from the foods you eat, So yes, you should be dieting right up until fight night.
Eating processed meat when your an elite athlete is like running a Ferrari on E10 unleaded!

Your basically saying that if your a heavy your entitled to carry some blubber into a fight, dedicated athletes in an explosive sport like boxing don't carry blubber.

Also if you train hard enough, your body will deplete it's energy stores anyway.

You have a basic understanding of fighters diets but it is a lot more complex and scientific than what you are saying.
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