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Originally Posted by swingin View Post
i dont think we have anyhting to disagree about. what ive described is a way for a bloke like tilyard (not an elite ferarri) to lose some weight fast. there is no substitute fora good, well balanced diet over a long period. but to lose FAT quickly, high protien, low carb way is the best of all.

we wereonce subsistence hunter gatherers. we werent even farmers. our diet consisted of a high protien, high green leaf matter and in season fruirt/nut diet. complex carbs such as yams, fat, grains etc were, not a staple.

it was natural for us to eat this way for millionsof years. now we have choices. carbs are a staple. it is carbs, not fat, that makes us fat. carbs are energy. thats why we aregetting fatter. an aboundence of carbs. breakfast cerial and toast. sandwich for lunch. potato and pasta for dinner. sweets, soft drinks, beer, chips, choclate. all in theshoppping trolley and on the menu every day for most families.

cut the carbs. it will cut the fat.
Absolute nonsense, weight gain or loss is simply energy in versus energy out. Your body maintains homeostasis very well. All food is energy, 17kj from each gram of protein and carbohydrate and 38kj from each gram of fat. You've been reading some **** on the internet, speak to a nutritionist instead. You can lose weight just eating carbs if you really want.
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