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Why would you be wanting to 'eat fast twitch muscles'? Surely that would be detrimental for performance. Your body uses amino acids for energy if you're on an energy deficit, it doesn't selectively choose which muscle fibres to target. If you train at any sort of intensity then carbs are used for energy, if not from diet then through breaking down muscle tissue and fat for glucogenesis. Depleting yourself of carbs when training is just going to make you lose muscle and fat, you'll be weaker and in a bad mood.. makes it easy to overtrain and you'll decrease your strength to weight ratio which will negate any benefits in VO2max you'll get from the lost weight. Recovery from sessions will be prolonged, there are many reasons why carb depleting is idiotic for an athlete. A lot of boxers do it because boxers are generally uneducated on these matters. You're far better off losing the weight gradually with a slight energy deficit (500-1000 kj below maintenance each day) to prevent muscle loss. If you're training at the same time it's very important for that energy deficit to be primarily from less fat in the diet, carbs are vital for energy and protein sparing. Not to mention your brain needs 130grams of glucose (carbs) every day just to function. Your brains energy requirements take priority so if you're not eating carbs while training you're draining the hell out of yourself, your brain and muscles need that sugar from somewhere so you're body is breaking down. You're not going to be able to train with any sort of intensity in that situation.
Well said
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