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Default Re: Did we forget how dull Lennox was?

Originally Posted by Kevin Willis View Post
Watching Rahman rag doll him at that press conference was pretty funny.

Odd how so many remember him as a humble, scholarly gentleman, when he was nothing of the sort. More like an opportunist who filed nusiance law suits at the drop of a hat and was so aloof(sp) and pretentious that only other equally smug, condescending(sp) Brits could stand to be in the same room with him for more than a handful of minutes.
You're so right. It's a fact Lennox was an arrogant douche! He regualraly referred to himself as "the pugilist specialist" and also referred to himself in the third person. He was always tooting his own horn. Emmanuel Steward used to yell at him for underestimating opponents.
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