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Default Re: Did we forget how dull Lennox was?

Originally Posted by PolishPummler View Post
Some people taking this thread the wrong way. I have always openly stated that i rooted for Lewis.

Again im just simply stating to the Lewis/Vit/Wlad hate crowd who complain about them being dull without realizing Lennox was considered fairly dull himself. Some posters get excited these days over shit talking tweets,interviews,youtube vids..etc and this is there idea of bringing excitement into the division.

I'm not taking a single accomplishment away from him.
I understand what you are trying to say, but to amplify my previous post I don't really view him that way.

I do recall a lot of Tyson fans and even Holyfield and Bowe fans claiming that, and there were others too, so there was definitely a significant vocal faction that shared your outlook. I just never saw it that way.

Every time he spoke about aging like a "fine wine" or quipping it takes "more than a left hook and a haircut to beat Lennox Lewis" always made me laugh. In fact, just him speaking in the third person was usually funny. I thought Lennox was an entertaining guy to listen to, especially towards the later parts of his career. He was obviously a smart guy, but he would sometimes try a little too hard to sound articulate, but this only enhanced his likability and gave his personality a bit of an edge.
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