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Default Re: anyone think mundine looked in pretty good nik?

Not taking anything away from Geale's win (because he schooled Mundine), but I also thought Mundine looked shot.

He was standing very upright and flatfooted waiting for the chance to counter Geale but was too slow to take advantage of any such opportunity.

To me he looked very unsure of himself, very uncomfortable and underconfident.

I noticed he rarely (if ever) extended himself to throw his overhand right - instead he threw weak chopping rights and threw several punches that were very wide of the mark and looked a bit off balance after them. His best punches of the fight IMO were short right uppercuts when Geale was on his chest and hunched over.

Think about that - he couldn't extend himself from the back foot to throw overhand rights but could sit down and back to throw right uppercuts. That tells me he's got something wrong with his right hip/lower back.
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