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Default Re: anyone think mundine looked in pretty good nik?

Originally Posted by LeBeave View Post
I think his cardio was also impressive, he looked like he really trained hard.

I think that is why he is so ****ed because he trained his socks off felt good but Geale frustrated him the entire fight.

If he was in that kind of shape (cardio wise) about 4-5yrs ago he could've won some important middleweight fights on the big stage
Really? The adage "looks like Tarzan, fights like Jane" ran through my head last night.

He looked physically impressive but was flat as a tack IMO - "too much weights not enough speedwork silly *****" He came into the ring dry and obviously hadn't warmed up...looked like he was ****ting himself during the ref's instructions, and generally looked uncomfortable and unsure of himself.

He barely moved in the first 6 rounds, just stood in the centre of the ring and waited for Geale to come to him and pawed out his jab occasionally.

I haven't watched a Mundine fight in years (apart from reviewing the first Geale fight a couple of weeks ago), but if people reckon last night was the best he's looked in years then he must have looked absolutely woeful in his last few fights?

He just looked worried and resigned to me last night...he kept taking these big sighing breaths later in the fight that made it look like he didn't want to be there.
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