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Default Re: Mundine "I walked straight into an ambush"

There was a time when i thought all this controversial I am this, I am that bull**** was just a ruse to sell tickets. There was plenty to admire in the early days and like most people I just wanted to see whether the results would match the hype.

Sadly IMO, what could have been a boxing career to be proud of, has proven to be stomach churning circus.

The disgracefull manner in which Mundine conducted himself from day one of this fight being announced should convince the boxing public of Australia that enough is enough.

Questioning Geale's heritage, ridiculing Geale's wife, incredibly unsavoury
taunts towards Laurie Daly and the late Artie Beetson and then topping it off by disrespecting the national anthem. No acknowledgement of Geale's performance and then sour g**** comments about so called corrupt judges.

Grubby stuff by a grubby individual.

No surprise to see Laurel and Hardy, his two footballer/boxer yes men back him up. Listening to those two dribble on you'd have to think that between them they'd struggle to shell peas.

The Mundine sideshow has run its race in the sport of boxing and i firmly believe that his self serving antics have, if anything, caused embarrassment throughout the Aboriginal community.
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