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Default Re: Scores for Margo vs. Williams

Originally Posted by divac
There are two things that I saw that caught my eye during the first 6 rounds while HBO was pointing to a shutout.......

One Williams was'nt punching with any authority.......and two, Margarito was picking off the great majority of Williams's punches.

In essence, Williams moving his hands imo created the illusion to many that he was being more effective.
....but from my perspective, their was a reason why Williams did'nt put more mus**** on his shots in a more consistent basis.
......when you put mus**** on a shot, you leave yourself vulnerable.....obviously, Williams felt Margarito's power enough to not open up with power......and since Williams did'nt open up much with power and still got alot of his shots blocked even without offering much power.....
I dont see where anybody can say he was clearly more effective than Margarito, even in the first 6 rounds where on my scorecard it was a dead heat through six.
whats your point? is doesnt matter how hard or weak your shots are if the other is simply not throwing or landing alot. it took several for margo to hit williams with great regularity. therefore he lost alot if early rds. its sounds like your a biased margo fan but to each their own.
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