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Default Re: after watching mundine v geal 2- second tim

Originally Posted by Sandman_ View Post
Guys, get ****ing real.

Unless you were tanked, you only need to watch it once.

I haven't listened to any commentary, watched it with an unimpeded view from ringside 8 rows back and went in thinking Mundine had a decent chance of winning.

I have to say I was shocked when I heard the judges scorecards. Shocked that one judge gave The Man four rounds and that the other two gave him three.

He didn't win a round. Not a single one.

Mundine landed some nice right hands in round 7 but not enough to win the round.

Some of the media coverage and general commentary on this fight beggars belief.

There was plenty of room for disparate views after their first fight because so many of the rounds were very hard to score one way or the other.

Not this time. It was clear and emphatic.

If I was Real Deal Geale, I would be seriously ****ed off that the judges didn't score it a shut-out.

I don't think the three guys who did score it will be getting any significant overseas assignments from the IBF any time soon.

As for Barry Michael, I haven't heard his commentary but he's long been criticised for being overly favourable to Mundine. Now you're saying he called it as a one-sided exhibition fight? If that's what he said, I agree with him.

Mundine showed good perseverence and persistence to stick with it, but seriously, he was way off the pace from the outset and never got himself into it.
Absouletly spot on the ****ing mark mate. At the very best (and being very, very ****ing generous) Mundine could have got maybe 2 rounds. You could clearly tell by his body language between rounds he had zero idea how to deal with the barrage of punches coming his way. Kudos to all in the Geale camp as they obviously had a plan and he executed it to perfection.
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