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Default Re: Where does Anthony Mundine rate all time among Australian boxers?

Originally Posted by hammerofthor View Post
He's top 25, 30 at worst IMO.sure he's a ****, but around 06/07 he was a solid world class fighter.
Good wins over green, Geale (victory is legit) Soliman, Kim, Alvarez Echols, Sullivan. If he is/was as **** as some like to claim he would not have beaten any of those guys
I don't think anyone says he's **** or anything but with his resume, if he was a Yank, he would be considered an also ran. Echols was pumped up to be a dangerous fight but Echols was shot and blown up.

If you rate mundine on domestic victories then he is one of our best domestic fighters ever but on the world stage he's a non entity so he'd have to rank below anyone who made legitimate impact on the world scene.
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