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Default Re: GBP "Santa Cruz - Moreno In Play"

Originally Posted by weegriffin View Post
I think Moreno's movement will be the difference. Cruz is aggressive but I don't feel he closes the distance as fast as Mares. Also seemed to struggle with the movement of Alberto Guevera in his last fight in the first half of the fight.
I "sort-of" agree on the whole, Mares didnt do anything special or complicated, he tucked up and marched in, often leaping in! that was enough.

Santa Cruz did struggle with the clearly talented Guevara but I do feel the fact he took this fight on a weeks notice (was it a week or 2?) did affect him, he just wasnt as sharp, it didnt affect him greatly but you could see it had some phsyical affects. With his style being what it is you would have to think his shelf life will be short lived anyway.

To keep a pressure fighter off like SC, you have to be able to at least punch back when required, SC is a walk in fighter but he has that Mexican ring craft about him, he has enough IQ to apply it to pure boxers and impose his will! Moreno will un-doubtidly put rounds in the bank, but to do so he will be working very very hard and will begin to take flush, hard shots with both hands.

Late rounds I believe he will fold!
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