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Default Re: Meet the real man who stopped Vitali Klitschko in the 6th

Originally Posted by Ahurath View Post
Ok then he wasn't stopped. Imagine him fighting with that Injury for what 6 more rounds?
Imagine all the jabs hitting him in his face, the right hands and so on.

All you know about Vitali today wouldn't probably excist. The only thing we would know is that he fought the world champ and got his eye permanently damaged. There is no way he would of finished that fight with that eye.

And like always cut was caused by a punch not a headbut so it's a legit stoppage.

I don't really now why people are so upset about this loss. It's not like Vitali won't be rememberd. He will be in the same Hall as Lennox Lewis.
Mostly correct.

and pretty spot on assement except you must have never DVRd, frame by framed the cut.

Tough call for the doc to make, but he made the wrong call imo. Had he simply made the right call, seen the trickle before the gushing, we'd have either gotten a Technical Draw 3, essentially a NC, with Vitali up 2-1. Or we'd have gotten the TD6 with Vitali narrowly escaping with a win over the GOAT.

Either way, had cut from the rub been seen, we'd never have all these threads. We'd have had the 60mil rematch. And a 38 y/o Lewis woulda likely been better prepared for an also more prepared Vitali. It was already FOTC for me, the rematch may have been GFOAT.
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