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Default Re: Did we forget how dull Lennox was?

Originally Posted by humbug View Post
They both had short notice for the fight yes, but any boxing fan would know, Lewis was waaaaaaay past his best, overweight and simply wasn't motivated......and he still won!!!! A win is a ****ing win, simple as that. It will go down in history, as a W.

I want to jump through my computer screen and slap sense into you, but I can't and is impossible as modern day technology won't allow me to. It will go down in history that I never did slap sense in to you, because it never happened, just as Vitali didn't beat Lewis. A win is a win, are we on the same wave length here?

Seriously mate, when the **** are you and people like you going get off this Klitschko delusion you all call a reality. Vitali's best win was Corrie Sanders. I'll say it again, Corrie ****ing Sanders. Lewis would have mauled him within 5 in his prime.
If he was fortunate enough to cut Vitali again, maybe.

Lewis was in his prime, he beat Tyson exactly one year previous and boasted to everyone how he is like fine wine and gets better and better.

Fast forward a year and after a humiliating beating which he luckily won on a cut, he suddenly decided he was over the hill, refused a rematch which Vitali richly deserved, then retired like a...I hate to say it about a fighter but he retired like a *****.

TKO 6 is a fact, yes, but the paper result doesn't always tell the full story. Boxing history is awash with bad decisions, fights which were dominated by a fighter but then lost on technicalities, etc etc etc.

To summarise:

TKO 6 is a fact.

Lewis getting his ass kicked then retiring like a ***** is also a fact.

This is why it's discussed a lot on here, this is a boxing discussion forum, and a very relevant topic as one of the fighters is still active.

Everyone accepts the result was TKO 6...all Klit haters now have to do is accept that Lewis was getting outboxed, was almost decked and losing on points, then retired like a *****, then we can all go home.
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