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Default Re: Meet the real man who stopped Vitali Klitschko in the 6th

Originally Posted by locard View Post

Dr. Paul Wallace. Ringside Physician for the Vitali-Lewis match

Currently he serves as Chairman of the California State Athletic Commission's Medical Advisory Board.

This is the man who actually stopped Vitali (well, the referee did but only due to the advice of this guy)

Dont let anyone tell you otherwise

Klitschko haters get a boner saying that Lennox ¨stopped¨ Vitali


Being stopped by the opponent is when the referee sees one of the fighters badly hurt from taking hard punches repeatedly and looking unable to protect himself, so he jumps in and stops the fight to prevent unnecesary damage (nothing like that happened in the Vitali-Lewis match btw)

This is how being ¨stopped¨ by your opponent actually looks like:

Saying that Vitali got stopped by Lennox is like saying Margarito got stopped by Cotto in the rematch.

In the last round, Cotto was backing down and starting to run like a bitch from the relentless pressure of Margo, Margo was coming on strong when the biased doctor in the biased rican venue decided it was a good idea to stop the match, much to the satisfaction of ricans and Margo haters everywhere.

So Cotto didn't stop Margo in the rematch, the doctor did

just like Lennox didn't stop Vitali, the doctor did

Lennox didn't stop Vitali

He just won the lottery of cuts, and ran away with his lucky victory that he knew wouldn't happen a 2nd time, in a coward but clever move, no doubt.
Ok, so, according to the above, Vitali didn't stop Charr in 4 rounds, since the fight was ended by the Doctors at ringside.

I've got two pieces of advice for you. 1 - Grow up, 2 - Get over it. Vitali lost and lost legitimately, Lewis caused the cuts to be as bad as they were so he still gets credit for forcing he doctors stop. Bottom line is Vitali lost to Lewis via a justified doctors stop resulting in a TKO after six rounds and no amount of revisionism from his fanboys will change it.
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