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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
well you said in the first post that Darchinyan is stupid because he does 1000 push-ups a day and he should concentrate more energy into leg trainning even though you seemingly did no research into what training he does on his legs. Also how do you know legs are the most important area to have endurance? that varies boxer to boxer and you have written an essay about it even though you seem to have done no research yourself, and then you have got angry and rude with everyone who disagrees with you.
1000 push ups a day IMO is overkill for a boxer. You don't like that opinion, then sue me. I'm not telling you to agree with me, but I've given my reasons why I believe this. That's just what I think. Maybe I have an obnoxious way of getting my point across but I'm not gonna apologize for having an opinion. I don't get rude with people who disagree with me, I only get rude with idiots who don't have the mental capacity to understand my posts and rush in with insults, just like you did, and that other clown box4life who also made a **** of himself. I do take on board other people's views and have changed my opinion many times on this forum. You were the one calling me a ****ing idiot and assuming I've never boxed, and now you're complaining to me that I've been rude The **** outta here with that ****. Listen mate, this thread has had some good discussion. It's been a success, and Curtis Woodhouse liked it. You're the one with the problem so if you wanna have a pop, then have a solid argument, read the ****in' post properly and then try and reply. You come at me with strawman **** then what do you expect but insults? It's no wonder your replies to me got shorter and shorter because I ripped your earlier posts apart point by point and you had no answer. I even showed you that we agree on most points, Yet instead of having the class to admit you got me wrong, you were done finished with the thread until box4life said some **** and you started looking towards him for validation, until I pointed out that box4life could not read. I'm not getting mad brah, that was you. It's been fun. 9 pages of discussion, and some of the elite level posters have joined in.
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