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Default Re: Time to create a Super Heavyweight Division?

Boxing shouldn't *******ise it's most prestigious division, just to accommodate some fat slobs who can't be bothered getting into shape.

It's a sad reflection of the state of the division that so many fighters think 'bigger is better'. Instead of coming in at a good 215-220lbs and being fit and active, many fighters choose to bulk up - with fat - to 240-250lbs and try to be as strong as possible. It's counter productive. Why not focus on being good boxers, who can move well and be active for 12 rounds?

The heavyweight division is a so lacking in talent, it's unbelievable. Part of that is because today, more so than ever before, fighters are looking to their physical attributes rather than improving technically.

The abilities of super heavyweights is unproven anyway. In my mind, there has only been three genuinely skilled super heavyweights in history. Lewis, Bowe and Wlad. Those fighters are the exception, not the rule. Not many fighters will ever be 6'5"+ and 250lbs+ and great. Those physical attributes bring too many negatives with them for such big men to be well rounded.
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