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Default Re: VIDEO: Vitali Klitschko knocked out by Pele Reid in a kickboxing match (1992)

Originally Posted by rob7779 View Post
Finally revealed from 21 years ago, the blueprint to knock Vitali out! Roundhouse to the face. Question, does a kick like that from Pele have more force than a Lennox Lewis uppercut?
Hard to say...but i would say no.
Reid is not even a hard kicking legend (like Peter Aerts, Bren Foster or Jerome Le Banner for example).

The "art" to knock someone out is to land a punch/kick which he can t see coming.
Guys with good anticipation, eyes, reflexes and chin (like Ali or Vitali) are almost impossible to KO (Chuvalo or McCall probably had amazing chiln + eyes, saw the punches coming).

In the case of Pele Reid (in contrary to Lennox and Sanders punches), Vitali simply didn t see this kick coming and he was out like a light.

It s so glad to see this finally cames out. Vitali always denied it happened...even calling the peacful and very nice Pele a liar.

Now he s gonna pay the price for it!

I would not wonder if K2 *****es like Bernd Bönte now trying to identify the provider.

If Vitali-Haye should finally comes out, i really hope this kick gives Dave an inspiration!
Now anybody has seen this guy can be floored by a sneack attack which he can t see coming.

Maybe Haye should ask Reid to come with him in his corner (like Lebedev was in Povetkin s corner against Huck).
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