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Default Re: Boxing Writers on the Take in the Golden Era

This is all very helpful.

On your recommendations, I'll watch the Humphrey Bogart movie. Thank you for that recommendation.

Were the Ring Magazine's unsavory activities reported at the time in articles and the like?

To give you further example of what I am referring to, in the Jack Cavanaugh book cited above, on page 115, he states that Barney Nagler, a well-respected boxing writer of the time, became "almost apoplectic when he would hear a young sports reporter wax reverentially about Runyon's work. 'He was the crookedest writer around, with his hand in every promoter's pocket and in a lot of managers' and fighters' pockets too.'" Additionally, in Jimmy Breslin's biography of Damon Runyon, he stated that Damon Runyon had ownership rights in fighters and would write favorably about them as a result.
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