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Default Re: Boxing Writers on the Take in the Golden Era

Originally Posted by rantcatrat View Post
Were the Ring Magazine's unsavory activities reported at the time in articles and the like?
Very much so. It was ABC TV, who were partners with The Ring and DKP in the venture, that blew the whistle and exposed the whole scandal. It was a 'national' event.

Here is an extract form 'Time' Magazine, dated May 2nd 1977 and a link for further reading (subscription required):

"The United States Boxing Championships, a tournament designed to establish an American champion in every weight division, was launched with much hoopla last January from a ring set up on the flight deck of the Navy carrier Lexington (TIME, Jan. 31). Behind the extravaganza were Superpromoter Don King, the orchestrator of Muhammad Ali's bouts in Za´re and Manila; Roone Arledge and ABC Sports, the tourney's bankrollers and broadcasters; Ring magazine, the "Bible of Boxing," which rated the worthiness of the tournament boxers; and New York State Boxing Commissioner James Farley Jr., who lent the championships his name."

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