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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by nvs View Post
I want to know about retirement. Can fighter retire before the contract ends?
Lets say you have 6 fight contract, you fight 4 of them and decide ok, this was it. Do you need a medical reason to get out of it?

Also if its possible to retire in that fashion what happens if the boxer comes back from retirement? I assume the contract is still valid if he has 2 fights left in it.

Otherwise people would retire all the time to get out of contracts they have signed without knowing better.
There is a clause in the contract that covers that, some guys think I'll retire and rest up and comeback after the contract expires, 'er no, it dont work that way, the contract is in force and when the fighter comesback the contract resumes from the point when they "retired", and any other penalties, like if you turned down a fight, well the promoter can add a month or two to extend the contract. I see this happens all the time, ill-advised guys thinking, "my contract is done now I can get a better deal somewhere else". Hold on there cowboy we have legitimate extensions, and the fighter sits on a bench while lawyers fight it out in court.
A word to the wise, never sign a contract that is not specific on time to give you those 6 fights. If it just says the promoter promises to give you 6 fights and the only dates it has is when you signed the contract and when it expires, not counting any extensions. If its a 3 or 5yr contract then that means he has at least 5yrs to give you the 6 fights, not a good deal.
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