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Default Re: best muscles to work out for punching power

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
you dont really box do you dumb****...

bicep curls are about as worthless as they come for boxing...the bicep muscle doesnt really come into the punch. However, your lats and back muscles do come in. In order to hit those muscles, you tend to also hit the bicep (pull ups of course do that..thats why many boxers who dont lift still have big biceps) but working the bicep muscle in isolation is a waste of time and engery, and could even be seen as counter productive. I know for myself that when I lift biceps heavy I have found my arms tighten up. You might say that is just anecdotal, but I have heard plenty of others say that as well.
No you ****ing idiot, you said don't do biceps then in the same sentence you say do pull downs and rows (Both work your biceps). So why isolate the triceps and and do lat raises as well? I know for myself that almost everything you say is complete nonsense. Your biceps are extremely important in boxing, without them you wouldn't be able to defend yourself, transfer power into your hooks and uppercuts, or pull your hands back after punching. I don't care about your re**** anecdotes, every muscle is important. Go back to beating up kids fat boy
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