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Default Re: Lineal titles in the alphabet and multiweight era

If you're strictly staying with ring ranked 1v2 guys it is fairly easy to track.

The problem is the meaning of linearity then becomes meaningless. The point of lineage originally was to track who had beaten "the man" in modern boxing "the man" seems to just be the most popular belt holder.

Welter is easy to track though the lineage is unbroken largely until Tito moved up. Then depending on definition either Mosley took the vacant lineage against Hoya or Forrest took it against Mosley or Mayorga took it against Forrest. That stayed as was until Floyd retired.

Then some reckon Mosley took it against Margo some think it's still vacant.

Middle was easy to track until Leonard moved up. Then Nunn unified with Sumbu but lost to Toney who officially didn't lose at the limit. Then it was alpha soup until the MW tourney which Hopkins won and that lineage is still intact today.

LWW is a bit tougher. I'm sure it was vacant for years until Chavez beat Taylor. He then lost and regained against Randall (gift). Before losing to Hoya. It stayed vacant until Tszyu beat Mitchell or Judah depending on definition. That lineage ended with Pac.

Then depending on definition Garcia took it against Khan.

I would be able to go in more detail but I'm away from my computer so I'm trying to recall from the top of my head.

The real man for this is stoney, what he doesn't know about lineal title claims ain't worth knowing.
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