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Default Re: Did jack Johnson drew a color line himself?

Originally Posted by KuRuPT View Post
Where was the money is Johnson fighting guys he had utterly and EASILY destroyed? People act like he drew the color line when these fights were the rage of the U.S. They weren't, and nobody wanted to see it except a select few. Why would the public want to see another black fighter win the World Title? They didn't. "They" wanted to "reclaim" the title for "their" race. There was no money in a colored HW title fight.. nor were there all these promotors beating down Johnson door to make it happen. Plus, like mentioned above, Johnson had already proved there superior is convincing fashion and most times with utter ease.. If I had fought a guy 3 times or 5 times.. and won every time.. even in real life.. if the guy or friends wanted to see another fight.. I would be like why.. been there done that... Yet Johnson isn't given the same slack?
Totally agree. If there was acceptance of a black heavyweight champion, and him defending against another black man ,thereby making it a certainty that the status quo would remain , why the hell was there a White Hope movement in the first place?

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