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Default Re: Did jack Johnson drew a color line himself?

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
What a joke you are. Langford for years could be viewed as the #1 or #2 challenger for Johnson for years. In fact he often fought the same guys Johnson gave title shots to and unlike Johnson, he KOd them convincingly.

STOP!!! McVey was a teenager in two of those matches and but 20 in the third. FACT, FACT, FACT!!! Can you say Johnson beat a not ready for prime time McVey? Just admit it and move on!. As I told you numerous times, Jeannette had a losing record when he first meet Johnson, and was not much better than 500 when they last fought. Of course Johnson beat Langford when Sam was but 156 pounds, a far cry from the terror he would become.

1 ) Read the book and learn! I dare you to re-post what they said on the fight here, and in full context. 2 ) Johnson did struggle in the match with Battling Johnson.

Fighters are full of it sometimes. Smith also said he ( Johnson ) never for forgot it. Smith for a while was a top level contender. He was white, but far from a " hope ". Hmmm....wonder why Johnson never gave Gunboat Smith a shot, even though he beat Willard and Moran BEFORE Johnson gave them a title shot. Smith wasn't small, and could fight.

Take note, you are not saying one thing I posted in the 1st reply here is untrue, rather you attack the sources, then play double standards with sources.
Which years was Langford the leading contender ?
All I'm asking is a time frame. Langford LOST to Flynn whom Johnson stopped in a title defence. Mcvey showed no interest in a 4th fight with Johnson, and if you read the reports of their last fight its no surprise. In their third and final fight McVey was coming off wins over Denver Ed Martin, 1 rd ko , Fred Russell, and Kid Carter, both by ko. Carter had drawn with Hart , flooring him, decisioned McCoy, and kod Maher in the year previously.Russell had kod Hank Griffin 2 months prior to being stopped by Mcvey.
McVey was considered a very dangerous leading contender when Johnson stopped him ,dangerous enough for a promoter to offer Jim Jeffries $20,000 to defend against him,Jeffries went a bit deaf around then. Langford was 156lbs Johnson was 185lbs both about 20 lbs below their best weights, but Langford had more experience,with over 50 fights under his belt.
On the subject of Langford's weight as late as April 1911 Langford only weighed 161lbs when he fought Mcvey.
Johnson did not fight in1911 , but for his last fight in1910, [against your sweetheart Jeffries], he scaled 208lbs,and for his first one in 1912 he weighed 212lbs, no doubt if he had fought Langford then you would be screaming about how badly he was outweighed !

Strange you never mention the collossal weight advantages Jeffries enjoyed in his major fights.

As I've told you several times I have the book here in my study I've posted verbatim the Johnson/Battling Jim report many times too, I can' t be ****d to do so again,look it up.

Smith disqualified himself from title contention in 2 ways he told an English inquirer when asked when he would be meeting Johnson, "oh Johnson will wait,and the longer he waits the better," and by getting beaten by Carpentier and destroyed by Langford in their return match. Smith's win over Willard occurred when Jess was green, something you invariably seize on when confronted with Johnson's domination of Jeannette , and McVey.
Concerning the Smith /Johnson sparring session,what should we believe? Smiths taped interview, or an A P report ,filed by some one who was not present?

You need more bullets,because none of those you have fired hit the target.

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