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Originally Posted by chrisbonnie View Post
Heart says Edgar, but head says Aldo

its a funny match up. When you add up strenghts and weaknesses, it nearly seems a mismatch in Aldos favour,

But i always go back to Edgars fights with Bj Penn, and not the BJ of now, but the one who we all thought was absolutely unbeatable at 155lbs, and then his fights against that monstrously huge Grey Maynard.

so when you look at them fights against Penn and Maynard, i find it hard to believe he can lose this fight. and you could easily look at his two "losses" to Henderson, and actually call them results the other way round. I personally thought he won both fights, but they where close

Aldo definetly has the advantage while standing. But i think Edgars biggest attribute in this fight if big fight experince, and his general fight intelligence.

Aldo hasnt been tested yet. Id love to see him really pushed to his limits. I wonder how he'll react?

Edgar on the other hand has been neck deep in *hit, yet come out the other end smelling of roses.

i gotta admit, im looking forward to this fight more than any UFC fight in recent memory. I can barely wait. Its going to immense
None of this bears any resembelance on Jose Aldo, Aldo is faster than Edgar, in every department, hand speed, footwork, kicking, everywhere!

Edgar has enjoyed a speed advantage over almost every single opponent he's faced at 155, Aldo will be too fast and too powerful for Frankie, he's going to knock him out!
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