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Default Re: Did we forget how dull Lennox was?

Originally Posted by Mr Butt View Post
Some good pictures there not the face of a winner is it
Of course, Check the gif, right after the upper cut has landed, whats the Challenger doing... *(Hold up, Time Out, Wait a min, let me get my wits about me)* he sure as ****ing wasnt showing the actions of a man who was dominating the fight.

People always look at how Lewis slumped down on the stool and I agree he did, but this was a brutal pace for two big guys, what they often leave out is the way Vitali looked as well at the end of the round, the last 40 seconds of that round he looked exactly like he did in that gif, holding Lennox allowing Lennox to hit him with several clean uppercuts exactly like that.

Had the fight continued, Lewis would have damaged that eye more, blood would have blinded Vitali and Lewis would have knocked him out as Vitali would not have been seeing the shots coming his way, and they cant argue the cut was going to be under control he had the best Cut man in the game and that eye never once stopped bleeding like that
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