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Default Re: Mundine called it before the fight - Robbery

Originally Posted by george66 View Post
He called it a r obbery before the fight because who knew he would lose on points.What a joke mundine is.Was taken to school by geale.
If school is punching elbows and arms.

Originally Posted by Kegsy View Post
IB & I scoring the fight live both had it a shutout 120-108...cant believe people crying robbery
That is a truly ridiculous interpretation of the fight.

Originally Posted by slantone View Post
i thought the fight was closer than what the commentators did thats for sure. i had it for geale 7 to 5. he had it won simply for activity and workrate, but yeah, mundine was cleaner and crisper, but was flat footed and defensive for so long, that i couldnt give him winning rounds where he would jsut defend and then land maybe 3 jabs and a cross a whole round, while danny would glance about 15 to 20 shots , though not clean, were still scoring.

the commentators were disgraceful. thats what u call pre-judging. they were seeing what they wanted to see. oohing and aahhing at a danny flurry that didnt land anything, and basically speaking outside the context of the actual fight. its a shame because its an instance where it really coloured the viewing.

first time i watched it live, sound on- i had it 10 to 2 danny. second time with sound off, i had it 7 to 5. still a win for geale so maybe it dosent matter. but it was closer than what people will give credit for- nobody schooled anybody, nobody kicked anybodies ass.
Sensible post.

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Barry Michaels has been doing that for years in Mundine's favour.
Considering you don't watch boxing save for Danny Green weigh ins you will have missed Barry's telling nugget in the pre hype.

Go look at your favourite pictures creep.

Originally Posted by The Kirwan Kid View Post
I'm guessing this is a tongue in cheek post?

Originally Posted by stiflers mum View Post
You would be guessing correctly.
No. Mundine deserved the victory.

Originally Posted by Nigelbro View Post
The reason Mundine didn't press and come forward more was BecauseGeale would've knocked him out. That was made clear early - better ring craft and composure.
You could argue the scores of a few rounds but Geale controlled what Choc did and didn't do for 12 consecutive rounds. Despite a valiant effort the champ gets the benefit of the doubt IMO in the close ones. Shutout.
Aggression and effective aggression are two separate things. Geale marched forward all night landing on gloves/arms/elbows for the most part. Even his corner were asking him to throw.

The rounds of a fight should never be based on who is the champion that is a common myth for know nothing boxing fans.

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
All of your trolling aside, you are really just making yourself look like a ****ing idiot. Copying choc by calling this a "robbery" is a poor effort in stating a winning case for choc. He clearly lost, convincingly.
Any other view of this fight is wrong. The video does not lie, neither does the big points difference, decided by professional judges that have been doing this for a ****ing long time.

Your viewpoint means nil.

Geale UD
Copying choc? I genuinely sat watching the fight thinking what fight were the commentators watching. Yes Mundine was on the back foot but his work was clean.

Originally Posted by Rooboys View Post
I was at the fight and I tell u what everyone around me wasn't sure who won. Yes geale did throw a lot more, didn't land that much though. I half expected a majority decision something like that, to geale. But most have it a long way to geale, Have to watch it again and see what I was missing?
Mundine won.

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
You know I normally don't mind you 20, but now you're just being ridiculous.

Geale put on a clinic and annihilated a well past it fighter who actually fought brave.
I think Mandy did well to even stay in that fight, and you know it.
Mate I am sure you are very happy as I would have been had Choc got the nod but you cannot seriously tell me you had it by a landslide for Geale.

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
Yes Mundine did land jabs, so did Geale. Geale landed more. When Mundine threw punches he generally landed. Those bursts were so infrequent they had no effect on the scoring of the round due to all the times Geale touched him. Learn how to score a boxing match
I gave Mundine 2 rounds (7, and most would say that's generous. For anyone to claim Mundine won is ludicrous, I watched it at a casino and couldn't hear commentators so I wasn't influenced by that. I'm not particularly a Geale or Mundine fan, I like to watch them both and I don't generally care about talk and out of ring stuff. The way Mundine walked off and is now claiming robbery though, that's the first time I've found him offensive and really thought that he's a ****head.
Geale touched him on the arms and shoulders, of course some punches got through but it was Choc doing the cleaner more consistent work in the face of a high workrate.

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
That's absolute bull****, being champ or not should have no bearing on the scoring of rounds.

Originally Posted by old man View Post
Hey Bro what you doing on this forum?
Forgot your bet.
I made no bet you tool, unlucky brah.

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Are people forgetting how many of Mundine's punches missed or were just pitterpatters on Geales gloves and arms?

If we're going to accuse Geale of non-scoring pitterpatter flurries, we'd best include Mundine's shoeshining and airswinging in the equation too
You manage to surpass your own idiocy every post. You seriously know zero about boxing.

Originally Posted by patrick View Post
20a87, From now on you will save me some time when checking the forum.

In the future I will scroll straight past your posts as I can't see the point in reading comments made from someone whose knowledge of boxing isn't
just limited, it is non existent.

Are you for real or are you just upset that the circus may be leaving town ?
Shouldn't you be organising a Dannyweight match and inserting a can from the 80s into your rankings for him?

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
You've been spruiking Mundine all week but of course you're impartial and Dan Rafael and the rest of the world are all ****ing wrong
Dan Rafael is an awful source. Poorly played.

Originally Posted by pourya View Post
Yes true but mundine wasnt even throwing-

Geale was putting the presusre on mundine, mundine wasnt throwing, when he was throwing he was missing A LOT!!!!

based on work rate and the fact that Geale was controlling the fight and the tempo those rounds go to him..

Mundine simply didnt do much in the fight and yes he blocked a lot0 but you cant win fights by BLOCKING
Defence is a category that judges use to score fights. Pressuring whilst eating constant jabs isn't effective aggression. Work rate means nothing if you aren't landing clean shots. The majority of people on here are so so so uneducated.

Nobody actually managed a rebuttal to my initial post...
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