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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by gashalasha7 View Post
This thread is probably hilarious to most pro boxers.
There's a load of re****ed badly advised boxers laughing right now i agree.

Laughing while starving, and running on a empty stomach every morning.

Or training 3 times a day everyday, and wondering why they prematurely age and suffer from chronic fatigue. Dehydrating their body and potentially causing long term brain damage.

In all the other sports, football, athletics, cycling! Non of the athletes or coaches in these sports quote boxers or boxing trainers for theories and philosophies on how to train/prepare.

Boxing has always played by its own rules, and has been dominated by mythical bull****.

You only have to look at this thread, and i think this thread! consists of the more intelligent and less ignorant people on this site and probably within boxing.

There's still young teenagers out their restricting their diet! Being advised and pressured into re****ed training routines up and down the country in boxing gyms.

Not all boxing gyms, but a large majority in my opinion.
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