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Default Re: Mundine called it before the fight - Robbery

Originally Posted by 20a87 View Post
If school is punching elbows and arms.

That is a truly ridiculous interpretation of the fight.

Sensible post.

Considering you don't watch boxing save for Danny Green weigh ins you will have missed Barry's telling nugget in the pre hype.

Go look at your favourite pictures creep.


No. Mundine deserved the victory.

Aggression and effective aggression are two separate things. Geale marched forward all night landing on gloves/arms/elbows for the most part. Even his corner were asking him to throw.

The rounds of a fight should never be based on who is the champion that is a common myth for know nothing boxing fans.

Copying choc? I genuinely sat watching the fight thinking what fight were the commentators watching. Yes Mundine was on the back foot but his work was clean.

Mundine won.

Mate I am sure you are very happy as I would have been had Choc got the nod but you cannot seriously tell me you had it by a landslide for Geale.

Geale touched him on the arms and shoulders, of course some punches got through but it was Choc doing the cleaner more consistent work in the face of a high workrate.


I made no bet you tool, unlucky brah.

You manage to surpass your own idiocy every post. You seriously know zero about boxing.

Shouldn't you be organising a Dannyweight match and inserting a can from the 80s into your rankings for him?

Dan Rafael is an awful source. Poorly played.

Defence is a category that judges use to score fights. Pressuring whilst eating constant jabs isn't effective aggression. Work rate means nothing if you aren't landing clean shots. The majority of people on here are so so so uneducated.

Nobody actually managed a rebuttal to my initial post...
get a life troll.
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