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Default HUGE AMATUER DEBUT - I Lost :(

Im 17, in september 2012 I decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a boxer. Things went well, and within 3 weeks I was sparring. Constantly my coaches/peers tell me how natural and good im getting quickly, so good that I had a medical and was told ill have my first fight on the 31st of Jan (today). I weight 65.5kg, im a light welterweight and we drove all the way to the most prestigious university in the UK. Surprisingly for the whole day ive had no nerves, once we got there my opponent was too light (60kg) so I was thrown in with another guy who has fought once before. Ive been so calm, I was excited to prove myself when it matters, I walked out as my bout (the first of the night) commenced with 400 odd people cheering and cameras flashing.

The bell went and after 15 seconds I knew he was too good, my nose popped and I could feel blood across my face, he never used his jab so I couldnt use my strongest skill and parry, he kept lunging with extremely fast hooks which kept rattling me. This continued for all 3 rounds, I knew id lost in the second and when I was on the verge of turning groggy through a bunch of punches, I thought atleast finish the fight. I did, and I was covered in blood, the whole night people kept looking at my bruised up face, it was so embarrassing to get destroyed infront of 400 people. The positive is im so motivated to become fight prepared as I now know what to expect, its not like sparring. On a negative side I feel like my career is over lol I was so focused on winning losing was not an option, especially that badly. I feel like it is not possible to become a big pro, now ive lost. And I know losing was likely as this guy has fought once before, and was so much more skilled. :(

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