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Default Re: Liston v Holyfield

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Are you dumb your saying Liston only has a slight edge in power to Holyfield are you special or just beyond dumb?
Cleveland Williams could hit harder than and faster hard combinations that Holyfield could.
Really push around bigger men than Liston had to i dont remember him puhing around Foreman or anybody that could compare to a young Foreman...
Liston had an 84 inch reach and would outjab Holyfield with ease
Footwork isnt so one sided Liston had great footwork
You seriously think Holyfield a blown up cruiser could get a ko/tko on Liston who had a great chin as he proved against Williams who i have to say again was a quick handed ko puncher with amazing combinations, Holys left hook cant compete with Williams speed or power in his left
I never said Holyfield pushed Foreman around. I said Holyfield was able to push around bigger and better fighters than Liston faced. Cleveland Williams best weight was about 210 Lbs... who else ya got? Williams is almost as overrated as Jerry Quarry on this forum. Dude, Williams wasn't ****!

Back to Holyfield... he was able to "man handle" the likes of Thomas, Dokes, Stewart, Douglas, Tyson, Savarese (who is a very big man), and others. All of these guys were much bigger than the common opponent of Liston. He more than held his own vs. Foreman, Holmes, Bowe x3, and Lewis x2... I doubt Liston would have done as well.

Power? Yes, I said it... I give Liston a slight edge in power. The chins Liston cracked weren't **** compared to the chins Holyfield tried to crack (sometimes Holyfield stopped them, sometimes not). Anyway, I gave Liston the nod here... what more do you want? Patterson was down more than any other HW Champ ever and was a much smaller man. Folley was a small HW as well who wasn't the hardest HW to stop. Machen managed to go the distance vs. Liston and had a few good moments as well. Who else ya got? Summerlin x2?, Marty Marshall?, Ali x2? Leotis Martin? Wepner?

84" reach? Maybe, maybe not? Even if he did... he's 2" shorter and he is slower.

One more thing... quit talking up Cleveland Williams like he was something special.

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