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Default Re: Liston v Holyfield

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Yeah exacly Foreman was 41 when he fought Holy and fought at a slow pace throwing his punches very carefully
Remember Liston sparred with a young Foreman that threw a jab or 2 and then went all out throwing every punch as a power punch i dont know about you but if Liston could deal with a young Foreman with more speed and in better shape throwing every punch as a punch that could knock you out and dealing with it, compared to an older more out of shape heavier slower Foreman who conserved his energy that fought Holyfield...
I'd say id rather fight the Foreman that fought Holyfield
If Holyfield fought the Foreman that Liston sparred with what do you see happening i dont see it going well for Holyfield, do you see Holyfield seriously standing up to him and being able to push Foreman around... And staying infront of him and being able to stick in there with him throwing those bombs i dont thinks so, i dont care how big Holyfields heart is his heart dosent affect how hard and how strong the others guy is
Liston and Foreman SPARRED!!! Do you know what sparring is? Foreman looked up to Liston and wasn't trying to hurt the legend. Foreman had just turned pro and his amateur career really wasn't that long. This was far from the best version of Foreman. The Foreman that fought Holyfield was a much better fighter and a STRONGER fighter. Yes, the old Foreman was stronger... this doesn't mean he was a better puncher or faster (he wasn't) but he was stronger in the late 80's early 90's due to lifting weights.
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