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Default Re: Liston v Holyfield

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
That's an old Holyfield in the above picture... not sure about Liston but I've seen him look a little more fit than the above picture. Anyway, these pictures don't mean ****! Both were bulky guys... Holyfield still is. Holyfield's neck is almost 20" (19 3/4") and Liston's was 18 1/2". Biceps and Chest measured almost identical but Holyfield's were more defined. Waist, wrists, fists... sure Liston's were just a little bigger... so what? The most important measurement here is the neck... Holyfield's was bigger and he was the more durable of the two IMO. Even in the above pics, you can see that Holyfield has the neck and t****zoids... which help in absorbing punches.

Liston is pretty small compared to many of the good fighters Holyfield faced BTW. Holyfield is pretty huge compared to many of the good fighters Liston faced. Like I said, Holyfield proved his worth vs. bigger and better fighters.
There was a time when I'd have picked every little piece of **** out of your post.

Nowadays it seems less effort just to label you a simpleton and move on. Hope you don't mind.
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