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Default Re: Liston v Holyfield

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
There was a time when I'd have picked every little piece of **** out of your post.

Nowadays it seems less effort just to label you a simpleton and move on. Hope you don't mind.
Nothing to pick apart. My point is that size isn't really a huge issue here. Similar in size but Holyfield is a bit taller. That has nothing to do with my pick.

I pick Holyfield because I think he was the better fighter overall.

Simpleton? Far from it. I'm just not blinded by nostalgia like so many others.

Liston was a great fighter but his resume was not great IMO. Machen and Folley were very good Heavyweights who were good enough to challenge for the title but not win it (this would be true in most eras, a credit to them). Machen and Folley were small Heavyweights and Holyfield would run thru them like a hot knife thru butter. Patterson was a good HW Champ, but not the most durable HW Champ we've ever seen. Liston did not look good vs. Ali. I think Holyfield would have given Ali more than a few problems.

Liston went 2-2 (2) in World Title Fights. He destroyed Liston x2 and looked like **** vs. Ali x2. He was stopped 3 times. He struggled with small HW Summerlin x2 (early in his career) and LHW Marty Marshall. He beat the **** out of the overhyped Williams x2. What else did he really do?
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