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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Just to clarify, by take his heart what I mean is that Holy will beat Frazier to the punch throughout the entire fight and he'll beat him at any range he chooses. This won't be a brutal destruction like foreman and it won't be a clinch fest like the Ali rematch.

It'll be a sustained competitive beatdown. I'm not saying Frazier will quit, he doesn't have an ounce of quit in him. I'm saying he'll realise that his battle is futile and he cannot win.

That's what I meant by take his heart away. A vague comparison would be Hatton against Floyd. His whole strategy was to get inside and once there he found himself getting beaten up badly. His only chance of victory was taken away. I think Frazier will aim to weave inside but once there he's gonna find himself being beaten up.

PP I dont think Frazier has the greatest defence ever but I think his bob and weave is better than Holy and his attempts to slip and roll away from the shots.
I could see Holyfield getting the better of the early rounds. Maybe the first third of the fight. Thats when Joe Frazier started to Smoke.

Frazier loved combat and he would be right at home trading hooks on the inside with Holyfield. The pace of the fight would be furious and that would favor Frazier. He was a non stop punching machine.

I believe by the mid rounds Holyfield would be wishing he was in the ring with Tyson. The consistant body assault of Frazier should, probably would grind Evander down into a fine powder by the 10th 11th rounds.

Cant discount ringpace in a fight like this. As the fight wore on Holyfield`s punch output would decrease due to the constant pressure Frazier applies while Joe`s increases as he catches Evander`s rythem. Like a great NFL running back get stronger as the game goes on Joe Frazier`s hooks got sharper and meaner as the fight went into deep water.

I dont necessarily see a stoppage though. Holyfield had enough heart to hang in there to the final bell. Even if he has to climb off the canvas one or twice.

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