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Default Re: Scores for Margo vs. Williams

8-4 Williams, or 116-112 in conventional scoring.
Margarito rounds = 7,8,10,11 on my card.

If Margarito wanted to guarantee that he was getting credit for his harder shots, then he should've stayed in Williams chest and dug, like he did in those four rounds. For a man that wasn't hurt at all, he certainly seemed content letting himself be pittypat at an uncomfortable distance for his offense to work with a decrease in retalliation until the 6th round. That makes no sense to me. Walk this "weak punching" man down who's giving you distance and do it from the start. As if he had no energy to do so in the first half of the fight. Either Williams' punches had more of an effect than some were giving him credit for early on (because for some reason people UNANIMOUSLY gave him credit in the 12th???) or Margarito is an idiot for not giving his true effort to an early deficit.
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