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Default Re: Anyone else think Kessler is on the slide? (or half way down it?)

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
Of course. Go back and watch him versus Calzaghe and Andrade and then watch him versus Froch and Green. This isn't even a question, to me. Don't get me wrong, he's still a top five (3, probably) SMW in the world until proven otherwise, and he's a rock-solid, class fighter, but he's a much duller version of what he was at his peak. This guy's had a lot of physical wear and tear. I'm not talking a tremendous amount of punches, but just physically, the grind of the sport, the training and everything, he's had a lot of well-documented difficulty, and it's clear he's not what he once was.

agree with this.

He fought Beyer with a rib injury.

Even though he denied it in a pre-fight interview, he had a hand injury for the Calzaghe fight.

Fight against Mundine in Austraila had to be put back because of a back injury.

Then there was the eye problem that forced the withdraw from the Super Six.

There is also documented injuries with both hands and elbows.
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